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High temperature paint current situation and prospects

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The main role is to protect the paint, decoration, as well as additional new features. In the field of home appliances, small appliances especially long-term use in high temperature environments, for coatings require the same focus on these three points. But the high temperature environment of the reason, be focused and requires a higher standard.在高温环境下使Small appliances are used a lot, such as: gas stove, pans and other cooking pot, stove, microwave, oven oven, iron, hair dryer, perming folder, water heaters, Yuba, heaters, dishwashers, disinfection cabinet, and so on. These appliances, most of heat from the heating element or close to the workpiece, is in high temperature environments above 100 ℃ long-term work. Environment temperature, the fire, the frequent friction, plus oil, water, salt, acid and other substances, making small appliances for heat resistant coatings necessarily put a higher demand.

A protective effect:
Pieces of plastic material due to low cost, easy processing, light weight, etc., are widely used in small home appliances, but the molecular structure of polymer products affected by temperature, and a big reason, commonly used in home appliances plastic parts are generally not very resistant high temperatures over most of the work can not be a long-term 80 ℃, exceed 200 ℃ in practical engineering plastics are relatively rare. After exceeding its temperature limit, plastic parts will be softened, melting, deformation, seriously affect its use. Including all the organic coating, because the same film material is a polymer material, a similar phenomenon also appears, therefore, the position of small appliances at high temperatures, mostly metal products.

Two decorative effect:
Appliances as an everyday household items, the appearance of very demanding. Paint the outside of the appliance is "clothes", this layer "clothes" in addition to the basic functions, naturally beautiful, stylish, otherwise catch customers' first sight. "Therefore, appliance manufacturers in the choice of paint, paint smooth, gloss, fullness, color, texture, and so have a very high demand. However, each manufacturer has its own aesthetic practices, in addition to a large number of foreign purchases of affected customers and the impact of the trend, the appearance of each manufacturer has different requirements. For example: European and American customers often prefer shiny appliances not too high, should be natural, generous. While domestic consumers prefer relatively high gloss appearance appliances, new and bright feeling.


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