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Thickener: let nature paint a better and more stable rheology

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Latex paint thickener for thickening, stabilizing and rheological properties are regulation and improve function. In the production stage latex paint thickener for emulsion polymerization process, this protective colloid, improve the stability of the emulsion; grinding of pigment dispersion can increase the viscosity of the material and is conducive to the operation. In the storage phase, the thickener in the paint pigment material coated on a monolayer of a thickener, and due to the increased viscosity of the pigment particles to slow sedimentation and improve the stability of the coating, and to increase their freeze-thaw resistance and mechanical properties.During the construction phase, due to the high speed of the viscosity of the paint and make it thixotropic, so paint in the roller coating and brushing operations decreased viscosity at high shear rates without effort. After applying a shearing force is applied to eliminate, paint viscosity recovery, thereby preventing sagging when painting. Meanwhile, thickeners can delay the drying time of the coating to improve coating performance latex paint.

Paint thickener must be water soluble. There are inorganic thickeners, organic cellulosic thickener, a water-soluble polymer and a synthetic polymer thickener categories.

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