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Major categories of inorganic pigments

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Inorganic coloring pigments can be divided into achromatic pigment and colored pigment types. From achromatic pigments include white, gray to black series pigments, they exhibit only a different amount of reflected light, i.e., the luminance difference. Color pigment is able to certain wavelengths of light, to selectively absorb the remaining wavelengths reflected and showed various colors.

Epica black pigment: after an important white pigment pigments. The main varieties are black. Different properties of carbon black pigments used in rubber processing. The main quality indicators of carbon black pigment is blackness and hue. Epica red pigment: Inorganic pigments in red pigment, mainly red iron oxide. There are various iron oxide color, from yellow to red until black, brown.Red iron oxide is the most common iron oxide pigments. With good opacity and tinting strength, chemical resistance, color retention, dispersion, cheaper price. Red iron oxide used in the production floor paint, marine paint, due to a significant rust resistance, but also the production of the main raw material rust and primer. The red iron oxide finely divided particles when ≤0.01μm, hiding pigment in the organic medium decreased significantly, which is called transparent iron oxide pigments, used to make transparent paint or metallic paint, than the use of organic dyes better color retention.Yellow pigments: There are lead chrome yellow (lead chromate), chrome yellow zinc (zinc chromate), cadmium yellow (CdS) and iron oxide yellow (hydrated iron oxide) and other varieties. Which lead the most extensive use of chrome yellow, yield the greatest. World annual production of about 180kt, Chinese annual output of about 10kt. Lead chrome yellow opacity strong, bright color, easy to disperse, but easy to darken in the sunlight. Zinc chrome yellow opacity and color strength than those poor lead chrome yellow, but light color, light is good. Cadmium yellow has good heat resistance, light resistance, bright color, but not as good tinting strength and hiding power lead chrome yellow, the cost is higher, the application is limited.

Lead chrome yellow and cadmium yellow inclusive of heavy metals, can not be used for children's toys, stationery and food packaging coloring. Iron dark yellow color, but durability, dispersion, hiding power, heat resistance, chemical resistance, alkali resistance are very good, and inexpensive, it is widely used in building materials coloring.

Lead chrome yellow: the variety of raw materials of lead acetate and lead nitrate or sodium dichromate (or dichromate), sodium hydroxide, aluminum sulfate, etc., according to different proportions, different reaction conditions can be obtained by a variety of color of lead zinc chrome yellow chrome yellow: also known as zinc yellow.

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