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Shows temperature change ink application

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Shows the temperature change color ink print test temperature rapid, accurate, simple, mainly for temperature display, color change two aspects, and does not require any auxiliary equipment, has been applied in many fields.
  1. The over-temperature alarm
Shows temperature change is the use of ink coating color changes with temperature thermometer principle. When the object of local heat and reaches a critical temperature, the temperature can be displayed by showing color ink printing logo color effect on it, in order to prompt the operator to take emergency measures, possible trouble. As a fan site logo printing paste shows temperature, can identify the color change was observed in time to replace the fan, play a role in protecting the printing equipment.
  2. Instructs food temperature
Now, many have adopted the use of fresh food color ink printed showing temperature trademarks or packaging, consumers can change the text color or patterns to understand the contents of the quality change. Such as candy wrappers on the bright screen becomes dark, said it would have to melt. In addition, the liquid ink or other shows temperature change ink printed on frozen food bags that can be used to indicate the temperature, directly determine the freezing temperature is normal, to ensure the quality of frozen foods; adoption shows temperature change ink retort packaging to indicate the correct cooking temperature , convenience food.
3. security logo
Shows the temperature change color ink for packaging printing or printing counterfeit labels, can be used as security products. Such as the use of special shows temperature change ink printed mark on the trademark, Seals, you can change according to the color before and after heating to identify the authenticity. Due to the high cost of this type of ink, counterfeiters will not easily adopt, it can play a protective role of the brand.
  4. Commodity
Temperature change ink applications will be shown in the ad, crafts or clothing, you can get multiple results. Such as for textiles or clothing, with the outside temperature changes or temperature changes will cause many changes of clothing colors, to create novel visual effects. For printed calendar, the screen will change with the seasons and temperature showed different colors. Figure 1 shows the temperature with screen printing ink color sense cup warm water, pour into hot water, cup pattern will change color with temperature changes, can test the temperature of water in the cup, but also to bring enjoy art appreciation.

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