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Thermochromic ink composition

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Thermochromic ink consists of color pigments, fillers and binders.
(A) color pigments
Thermochromic pigment color is an essential part of the ink. The thermal ink changes color, depending on the pigment color. Because these pigments color change before and after heating appear different, and as a basis to determine whether a mark is counterfeit. So this is the preparation of thermochromic inks core or foundation.
  As we all know, the pigment color change heat varieties abound. But as thermochromic pigment ink must meet the following conditions:
action to be sensitive to heat, at room temperature, fixed distinct color, and when the temperature reaches a predetermined color to quickly;
obvious discoloration boundaries, ie narrower range of color temperature, color discoloration around larger;
be less impacted by the external environment. In the light, moist climate regulations. Performance under stable conditions, does not break down, do not fade.
1. Irreversible color pigments
  Irreversible color pigments commonly used lead, nickel, cobalt, iron, septum, strontium, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, barium, magnesium sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, chromate, sulfides, oxides and azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, triarylmethane dyes and the like. These pigments or dyes are discolored from its own thermal decomposition or oxidation, caused by the compound, because it is a chemical change, and therefore is irreversible. Of course, there are some physical change irreversible. The type and color temperature are listed in Table 3-1.
It is noteworthy that all reactive pigments, azo dyes, disperse dyes at 60-300 ℃ not obvious or discoloration due to reasons which led to gradual loss of use value. And some basic dyes, chromium compounds and inorganic salts exist below 300 ℃ color point, so do thermochromic (temperature shown) pigment.
2. Reversible color pigments
Selection of the main reversible color pigment Ag, compounds Hg, Cu iodide, cobalt complexes or complex salts, nickel salts and hexamethylene tetramine formed.

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