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  1. Application of the line 

The line is used to produce spiral steel tape armoring cable. 

  1. Specifications 

2.1 The dia.of tight buffer fiber     0.6mm,0.9mm
2.2 The number of tight buffer fiber        6
2.3Dimension of the yarn cop  90*290*290
2.4 The number of aramid yarn cops        4
2.5 Aramid pay-off tension  0.6N3N
2.6 The size of pay-off   PN400
3  Line configuration 
3.1 4 spools tight buffer fiber pay-off   4
3.2 4 cops aramid yarn pay-off    4
3.3 The device of manufacturing spiral steel tube 
3.4 Take up   
4. Basic line description
4.1 Tight buffer fiber pay-off  
Tight buffer fibers are reeled off passively, mechanical tensions adopt, and the tension can be adjusted according to the technology requirement.
• The size of fiber spools          PN400
• Number of tight buffer fiber          4
• Tight fiber pay-off tension   0.6N1.5N (adjustable) 

4.2 Aramid yarn pay-off 
 Yarns are reeled off passively, mechanical tensions adopt, and the tension can be adjusted according to the technology requirement.
• Dimension of the yarn cop  90*290*290
• Number of yarns   4cops
• Aramid pay-off tension  0.6N3N (adjustable)  
4.3 The device of manufacturing spiral steel tube 
4.3.1 Structure features: 
Work piece, cutting tool rotating at high speed operation, the product does not rotate. Stable and reliable quality, professional production of metal tube. The diameter of Produce:1.2mm to  6mm spiral steel tube.
The machine consists of motors, speed change mechanism, the spindle, the central axis, the nose, extension units, tension, brakes, cranes, body and counters, pipe inspection devices and other components.Machine should equipped with auto control to avoid twist in spiral.
4.3.2 Specification The range of spiral steel tube 1.2-6mm Structure speed      1000m/8h (1000米,8小时) Produce speed       1.5m/min (1.5米/分钟)
4.4 Take up 
Bucket type. Made of stainless steel. Diameter 800mm and the height is 600mm.
Tools with spare  required to make spiral of OD/Strip thickness
1.6/0.35 mm for 1F
2.7/0.35 mm for 2F
3.7/0.50 mm for 4F
4.6/0.50 mm for 6F


Steel Wire Flattening Machine

  1. Application of the line  

The machine is used to press the steel wire into a variety of flat steel wire. It is the machine before producing of spiral strip armoring.

  1.  Specifications 

2.1 Line speed      60m/min
2.2 The dia. Of steel wire  0.5mM~2mm
2.3 Main motor power  4Kw
2.4 Water pump motor power: 125watt
2.5 Reel size of Pay-off     PN400 
2.6 Reel size of Take –up ( PN400
3.  Basic Description 
The machine consist of the pressure roller,, tension unit, take-up, cooling system and electrical control system.
3.1 Tension. The adjustment system of tension consist of the friction plate of the output trailing axles of gearbox, springs, the output sprocket, adjust the nut,  and so on.
3.2 The take-up device. Tension wheel drive the take up and traveling unit through chain. Take-up device consist of the spline shaft, taper shaft and Lead screw traveling.
3.3 Automatic stopping device: The device is fixed insulatively on the right of wheel through copper platoon. When the steel wire is finished or broken, the steel wire touch the copper platoon, the power disconnect, mean while machine alarm.
3.4 The cooling system consists of tanks, pumps, pipes, valves and so on., According to the demand of cooling to adjust the water to high or low.
      3.5 Electrical control unit
The unit consist of the main circuit and control circuit.
Main circuit consists of air switch, contactors, converter and motor. Control circuit consists of fuses, relays, coils contact and speeder device.
All Contactors  : Siemens Make
Convertors        : Siemens / SSD Parker Make
MCB/MPCB    : Siemens Make
Motor            : Siemens Make
Relay             : Omron Make
Line Voltage   : 415V, 50Hz   3Phase + 1 N


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